Remember Islam

Just wanted to share a motivational speech that I liked at HijabFest2014 by Sara Zayed whom is a young lady in college and very inspirational for all of us, Masha’Allah:

“Muslim Women can do anything! Being a Muslimah, a hijabi, nothing can hold you back from accomplishing anything you want. Muslim women have been more known through out the world a lot and every year we are expanding, Alhumdulilah (i.e. Business, teachers, college, work, social networks, medical related, modesty fashion, media, Blogs, etc) We are making a difference in this country in every way possible and we shall continue to do so, Insha’Allah. Every time you work with another Muslim women you are not only assisting that person but in fact the entire muslimah community.”

Subhuna’Allah, this really touched me when Sara spoke about this! She is absolutely right. We Muslimahs can do anything and make a difference in this…

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